Conflict Management


Aida says

actions speak louder than words

Conflict Management

Understanding one’s own response to conflict and developing strong conflict resolution skills can be a powerful step in one’s own personal growth.

The Pitfalls of Avoiding Conflict

  • Unresolved conflict raises one’s stress level and lowers the immune system.
  • Conflict is often a barrier in fostering and maintaining intimacy and trust.
  • Unresolved conflict can lead to feelings of being misunderstood and result in emotional distress as well as a sense of loss and alienation in a relationship.

This workshop will teach how to resolve conflict by taking it head-on:

  • Become an assertive communicator:
  • Learn about transactional analysis: the roles we assume when we communicate
  • Create a “win-win” solution
  • Learn to “LISTEN”
  • Learn to recognise the difference between a conversation, a debate, an argument, and a verbal conflict

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