Manager as coach


Aida Says

beginning is half done

To get an understating of how coaching works towards empowering your staff to achieve higher efficiencies. We will explore the role of the manager as a coach and learn tools that can be readily applied.
Participants will learn to coach employees to achieve higher performance.
The teaching style at this workshop encourages active participation. I will use a blended style of teaching that starts with explaining the theories behind the tools we will use and then providing lots of examples and opportunities to try practical applications.
The best outcome will be achieved by splitting the learning experience into 2 sessions each of 4 hours preferably over 2 days. This gives the participants time to reflect on the content delivered and prepare for a hands-on application exercise.
Follow up
After the seminar, each participant will be offered the opportunity to receive a 1:1 follow up coaching session (duration 1½ hour). This session is intended to review how the lessons learned at the seminar can be translated into actions at work. Any additional reviews and feedback on application methods can be readily discussed in these sessions.

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