Emerging Manager


Aida Says

experience is the best teacher/practice makes perfect

Introduction to your management role

Objective Phase One

As a result of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Distinguish between Strategic, operational and tactical management roles
  • Define their role as manager
  • Leadership versus management
  • Deal with the transition into management role
  • Understand the dynamics of people management
  • Deal with time management and job process planning
  • Recognize their strengths and growth opportunities as managers
  • Keep a keen eye on work-life balance

Communication and psychology: successful group interaction

Objective Phase Two

  • Recognize the four behavioral styles and how to coach each.
  • Capitalize on their style for more effective communication.
  • Use basic coaching tools as managers.
  • Understand Illustrate the impact of body language and vocal tones on communication.

The art of Delegation: getting others to perform at their best

Objective Phase Three

  • Delegate tasks to others.
  • Provide constructive feedback and follow up on goals and workgroup targets with subordinates.
  • Set SMART goals for themselves and others.
  • Counsel an employee who is not performing up to expectations.
  • List tactics for dealing with difficult behaviors.
  • Effectively run a business meeting.

Building successful teams

Objective of Phase Four

  • Describe and apply motivational theories and techniques
  • The dynamics of a well functioning team
  • Leading cross-functional teams
  • Team coaching


After completing Phase One, which is a 4 hour workshop, we meet once per week for a 2 hour session. Each session includes theory, practical examples and lots of opportunity to discuss and reflect.  Each session concludes with a homework assignment that must be handed in before the next session.  Each homework assignment is designed to enhance consolidation and practical application of lessons learned.


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